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Make every occasion more special with our delicious ice cream fudge and cookie crumb filling surrounded by our famous chocolate and vanilla ice cream. A combination that is sure to make them smile. Our ice cream cakes are 10" round and serve 15-18 people for $27.95.
We LOVE special orders!   Create your own Ice Cream Cake with flavors of your choice! Take a look at our Flavor Calendar and pick any 2 flavors (just make sure they are on the calendar before you need the cake as we need to have the flavor running in the machine to create your cake) We will then make the cake using your favorite flavors!!
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  • Make every occasion more special with a delicious ice cream cake from Martha's!
  • Martha's ice cream cakes serve 15-18 people!
  • Martha's LOVES special orders!
  • Martha's Ice Cream Cookies & Cakes Make Kids Smile!
  • Martha's Ice Cream Cookies + Kids = A Party They Will Always Remember!
  • We Even Do Cakes For Weddings!
  • Martha's Ice Cream Cakes Come In Lots Of Flavors...
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  • A Party Without Martha's? It's Just Not Right!
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